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Vinland Meads is a generational Project coming to life. Our brewing process has been passed down from generation to generation since our family's left the isle of Scotland. We take that responsibility whole heartedly and create Meads our ancestors would be proud of. From the honey our bee's produce to bottling as a family. Vinland Meads is a tradition we live.

 Clyde has been brewing mead for over 20 years, perfecting a process and recipes his grandfather passed down to him, and that his grandfather passed down. With a rich traditional ancestral background from Scotland and East Texas farms we have perfected a modern meadery concept holding to our traditional roots.


Mead, also known as "honey wine", is made by fermenting honey with water. Mead can also contain other ingredients, such as fruit, hops, spices, or grains. Mead's alcoholic content can range from about 3.5% ABV to more than 20%. Mead is considered one of the oldest alcoholic beverages, dating back to 4,000 years ago. Mead is a distinct category, somewhere between beer and wine. It's sippable like beer, wine, or cider. Mead is trickier to ferment than beer but easier to brew.


Vinland Meads process for brewing a mead takes at the minimum six months to go from Honey+Water+Yeast to Bottle. Month one consists of mixing and fermentation, then month two through six is aging in oak barrels. At this time the mead can be filtered and bottled, or allowed to age for years in the oak barrels. Kegs are a similar process but due to the carbonation factor, it does not take as long to age them. Vinlands Meads Kegs only age for two months. This six month process will allow us to initially utilize a small number of fermentors and transfer tanks to start a new batch monthly. This batch is available to be bottled and sold at the 6 month mark, for bottles and 4 months for kegs.


Meant to Be

Life likes to take you on a journey to get where you are going, and Our Journey is just that, a wonderful adventure of Love. We have circled around each other for years, I went to school with Sarah's brother Josh, and she worked with my sister Wendy. So our circle of friends and family was ripe for our love story.

On a chill January afternoon we meet for Sarah's favorite meal of manicotti at a nice little Italian Restaurant in Tyler. I was frightened, as it was my first real date, Sarah was thinking at least she was getting her favorite italian dish. She was gorgeous and enchanting, we ate and talked and talked, then went for coffee and talked and found how much we had incommon and how we felt we could just open up to each other. One date lead to two, then three, then it was over... I was smitten with her beauty and cheer, she loved I could cook and my beard was nice. Love at first sight.

Mom and Dad of Seven boys combined, we are a house of adventure, chaos, adrenaline, sports, science, crafts, dirt and Love. Our lives are never slow or uninteresting. We are always taking kids or picking up kids, but in all of that mess, we sneak away to the garage to enjoy each others time and love, well she has a Cricuit and I have a 3D Printer.

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The HAYS CLAN finds its roots on the eastern shores of the lovely Isle of Scotland, and in the deep woods of East Texas.

We trace our history back to hedges and Celtic/Norse clans of raiders, traders, farmers and farriers of yesteryear. We bring this history into our everyday life and honor our kin in our ways, our hospitality and how we raise our brood of boys. Life as as Hays is a constant parade of chivalry and tomfoolery, as we live as our folk of the past did, we strive for the best in life and laugh every time we can.

We are a Clan of Love, and you will find us always giving a hand or a shoulder. We are the first to cry when touched by the heart and the first to defend what we feel needs our strength. Our Hearth is always a welcome stone for the ones in need.​

Our CLAN holds HAYS MANOR in Murchison, TEXAS nestled in the Piney Woods of Texas, where the wild boars roam the swaps and the white tails nestle in the thickets. ​

Clyde and Sarah rule their brood of seven boys with the love and warmth that any family of yore would understand, a lot of hollering and laughing, as what do you expect seven boys to do but keep them on their last nerve.

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